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Austerity Financial Group

Our mission is to provide reliable, cost effective advice to all our clients and to provide that personal service that so often is lacking these days?

Austerity Finance Group was one of the UK's leading privately owned asset finance companies.

The group finances a wide range of assets and is active in healthcare and emergency services, vendor finance for credit card terminal suppliers and other technology suppliers, taxi finance, equipment for schools and the funding of outsource contracts.

The Group also provides a full range of complementary services to the financing market through its portfolio management and lease administration company, Virtual Lease Services , which administers leasing and asset finance portfolios for some of the UK's major banks and Leasing companies.

Austerity Financial Group Ltd was formed in January and is recognised as one of the market leaders in the sector. Our team is highly qualified and experienced with a strong record of delivering a professional and personal service and value to our clients.



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Austerity FInancial Group helping private individuals find finance in a competive world

Financial Management in Austere times

Austerity Finance Group was one of the UK's leading privately owned asset finance companies. We help clients with

Which Insurance Company has the best deal for me?

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Scottish Solutions for Debt Management

For debt help in Scotland (only) Debt Counsellors can really help…

  • To reduce your debt
  • Have more spare cash
  • Reduce pressure on you

A Protected Trust Deed (PTD) can help write off a large proportion of your debts (subject to your circumstances), and if you keep up monthly payments, you will be debt free usually within 24 - 48 months, guaranteed.

A Protected Trust Deed (PTD) is the Scottish equivalent of an IVA. A PTD will achieve all of the following;
•Cease any legal actions.
•Freeze all interest and charges.
•Cancel out any existing CCJs.
•Stop demand letters and phone calls from irate creditors.
•Give you the peace of mind to have a fresh financial start.
•An affordable monthly payment based upon your available disposable income.
•Your best nights sleep for a long time.

IVA Frequently Asked Questions